--------------------------------------- Designed in Holland, Inspired by Nature ---------------------------------------

Burnwoods Muze Two Tone  Burnwoods Sphinx Black  Burnwoods Sphinx Red

Burnwoods wooden sunglasses and watches are all hand-made and have their own texture and signature. Special strong but light wood form the basis for any Burnwoods accessory.

If you look at each product you will notice how labor-intensive the manufacturing is. Subtle rounded forms can be obtained by editing and bending the wood with traditional techniques. See the beautiful woodgrain, taking in every detail it is ensured that the grain runs everywhere logically. The whole product is sophistically crafted with polish paper for a subtle finish and perfect and durable end result. 


For the wooden sunglasses spring hinges are used to give it the necessary flexibility and to protect the wood. Ultimately, the high quality glasses that will make every sharp summer look like a nice and calm scene. The Burnwoods wooden sunglasses and wooden watches are hand-made whereby subtle differences arise, but because of the nature of the material no watch or sunglasses is the same.


Last but not least every product will be delivered in a wooden case. Burnwoods wooden sunglasses or wooden watches are nothing more but especially nothing less than a trendy piece of art for your look.